Facebook is Secretly Developing an Android-Based Smartwatch for Launch Next Year


February 16, 2021 22:18 GMT

Technology News Team

Facebook is Secretly Developing an Android-Based Smartwatch for Launch Next Year

A significant addition to Facebook's List of Progressive Devices

Reports from ‘The Information’ recently revealed that Facebook is developing an Android-powered smartwatch and plans to release it next year.

Facebook itself holds a significant share of the internet through platforms like Whatsapp and Instagram, and some hardware like the VR Smart Glasses and the VR Headset. And now we are anticipating a breakthrough from Facebook in the smartwatch field. It will, therefore, be amongst Facebook's progressive list of smart devices including Portal, Portal+, Portal TV, Portal Mini, and the Oculus VR.

So far, Facebook has said nothing specific about the launch of the smartwatch. And according to them, details such as the specifications, pricing, and availability of the watch will be disclosed before the launch of the smartwatch next year.

Speculated Features

The new smartwatch will likely integrate Facebook’s existing services including Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger. It will also provide virtual health features. The device will feature independent cellular connectivity that will enable users to operate without external connections. But, it is not clear yet, whether it will incorporate Google’s WearOS or a proprietary software from Facebook.

What We Know So Far

The company is already developing its software that could power this generation of smartwatches or the next.

Further information shows that the second generation of the Facebook smartwatch will be launched in 2023. It is most likely that the version will integrate the new software that Facebook is currently working on.

New Tech, New Partnerships, and Facebook's Play at tech-dominance

In September last year, Facebook also announced that it had partnered with Ray-Ban. They mentioned the development and upcoming release of the Ray-Ban smart glasses in 2021. The company claimed that the consumer smartglasses will integrate elements of AR but will not be classified as an AR device. It is much similar to Snapchat’s Spectacles. This product will be the first release under the Facebook and EssilorLuxottica partnership. EssilorLuxottica is the foundational company of eye-wear brands such as RayBan.

It has been quite interesting to see Facebook compete with other established smartwatch companies including Apple, and progressive companies like Fossil, Oppo, etc. With the influence it has on the internet, Facebook has enough foundation to launch its upcoming products.

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