Volvo to Sell Solely Electric Cars by 2030


March 2, 2021 22:00 GMT

Technology News Team

Volvo to Sell Solely Electric Cars by 2030

Phasing out Combustion Engine Vehicles


In a bid to accelerate their plans to completely phase out combustion engine vehicles, Swedish automobile giants, Volvo, has committed their resources to making their model line-up fully electric by 2030. As automakers around the world are in support of establishing stricter pollution regulations, big names in the sector are reportedly facilitating the production of electric vehicles.  


Volvo has only recently jumped on the bandwagon for a pollution-free environment. Despite hinting at it in 2019, the Swedish firm never announced a specific year, as they have done now.



Volvo to Shift Sales Online


Volvo’s recent habits are vivid indications of their commitment to investing in their online sales systems, and their goal to switch to transparent and set pricing models, in a bid to radically reduce complexity in their products. Reports reveal that Volvo is set to sell their new line-up of electric cars, solely online. 


Their online push means customers can order the line-up of electric cars online, specifically to their interests, but also through a dealership. 


Volvo expects half of its vehicles to be fully electric by 2025, with the other half comprising of hybrids, and mild hybrids, as they have been called by the firm. 



Care by Volvo


The concept of selling cars online is not entirely atypical in the automobile industry. Volvo especially has a reputation for doing so, as they have been selling cars online in the form of their subscription service, Care by Volvo - launched in 2016.

The concept of Care by Volvo will now be extended to include sales, repair packages, and roadside assistance.


According to Lex Kerssemakers, Volvo's head of commercial operations, by 2025, about half of all transactions will be made online. This increases from as much as 15% in the markets where their subscription service is currently available. So far, reports suggest that all online purchases will be made through Volvo's website at a non-negotiable fixed price, while dealers will continue to be involved in sales, service, and delivery.