A Startup Company Creates The World’s First Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles

Humble Motors

July 3, 2021 22:00 GMT

Technology News Team

A Startup Company, Humble Motors, Creates the World’s First Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles 

Humble motors are creating the next generation of automobiles: long-range electric vehicles powered with the sun.

The company is a California-based entity focused on creating solar-powered SUVs with cutting-edge technology. Humble motors’ first SUV, Humble One, will charge itself with sunlight. The vehicle will convert solar energy to electricity through its solar roof, solar body paint and windows, peer-to-peer charging, electricity-generating sidelites, and regenerative braking. It will be able to produce enough electrical power to drive as far as 20+ miles per day, depending on the location of its user.


Electric Vehicles Are Not Clean Enough?

Electric vehicles are cool. Ever since their existence, people have used less gasoline and kept the environment healthier. Powering vehicles with electricity has also encouraged less use of fuel, which can become hazardous if not handled properly, making electric vehicles a great alternative to traditional vehicles. However, with current EVs, only 3% of the world's population has access to public charging stations within 15 miles. So, most electric car owners usually rely on third-party companies like Tesla to build the infrastructure for them to use an EV.

Solar Power Over Charging Stations

As said by Humble Motors, solar-powered EVs are the true form of clean mobility. International Council on Clean Transportation, a scientific research nonprofit, has shown that in California alone, about 1400 charging stations will need to be installed every day to supply sustainable energy for all the existing EVs. Solar-powered electric vehicles, on the other hand, pass for energy, health, and convenience! A high-quality solar-charged EV can generate enough power for people to travel long distances without stopping at a charger station.

The Humble One SUV is created from scratch to be lightweight as possible whilst maintaining efficiency and meeting strict automotive regulations. As the company has released pictures of this future car, the Humble One is a 500-mile-range crossover SUV with four doors and five seats to fit four people comfortably. It will also come with the standard AC and DC options for charging.

COMPANY: Humble Motors