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Neon - Artificial Humans
Juno - Rapid Chiller Technology
Y-brush Toothbrush of the Future

Beyond AI - Artificial Humans?


It's official, Samsung are creating Artificial Humans. At the CES 2020, Samsung recently unveiled a possible next generation of artificial life as we know it - Neons. STAR Labs which is owned by Samsung are leading the creation of these next-gen virtual assistants.

Samsung has modelled these artificial humans after real people which explains their life-like appearance. Samsung's groundbreaking project can be a real game-changer in the world of tech if they play their cards right. The business case for these Artificial Humans is to have them deployed in a number of roles in the business world and their ability to communicate, display emotion, perception and converse with end-users is a key selling point for these artificial humans.

Rapid Chiller Supercooling technology


Juno is taking chilling technology to another level. Rapid chilling is a process if supercooling a fairly limited number of beverages. This is especially a lifesaver during hot summer months when your cold beverage is not so cold or at times when you've forgotten to pre-chill a wine bottle before your guests arrive..


This is where Juno's rapid chiller supercooling technology comes in. It apparently allows you to chill your beverages within 1 minute - yes, 1 minute! The simple answer and secret according to Juno is: "latest technology in thermoelectric cooling".


The commercial (i.e. restaurants, bars etc) and consumer benefits are endless and the sweet spot for most rapid chillers is rapidly cooling to temperatures between 3°C - 10°C within minutes. Juno's rapid chillers will be available for purchase around OCTOBER 2020 retailing at around £200.

Toothbrushing reimagined


A lot of us don't do it well enough and eventually, more often than not we end up paying a high price by paying an expensive visit to the dentist. We are talking about brushing our teeth properly. Dental experts strongly recommend that we brush our teeth for at least 120 seconds, twice a day. Y-brush are reimagining the oral hygiene sector by using toothbrushing technology and have designed a special toothbrush that can clean your teeth in just 10 seconds! Yep, 10 seconds.


Research shows that most professionals definitely do not brush their teeth for that long, due to everyone leading busy lives and having to dash out in the morning to start their commute. That could all change very soon thanks to Y-brush. The startup is using sonic vibration technology to deep clean your teeth so that you can quickly get on with your day. The startup explains that they are using the bass-method of brushing which recommends the inclining of the toothbrush at a 45° angle to maximise efficiency. This could be the toothbrush of the future and prices start at $79.