Huawei Gets Inspiration from Samsung with New Phones


May 11, 2021 22:00 GMT

Technology News Team

Huawei Gets Inspiration from Samsung with New Phones


Huawei’s Bold Step

Recent reports on Huawei suggest that the China-based mobile telecommunications giant has revealed the third iteration of its foldable smartphone. Consequently, the company has taken the bold step of abandoning all previous designs, in what the public has perceived as an attempt to imitate Samsung. This comparison is highly valid, as Samsung pioneered the concept back in 2018.


An Unprecedented Success?

Presently, Huawei is experiencing some difficulties with the phone, as it still lacks Google services, despite its reputation in the media as “the best folding phone so far”.  This has not hindered the phone’s success in the market however, as Huawei, impeccably has not lost their Midas touch. This somewhat unprecedented success has prompted Huawei to launch its third foldable smartphone. As things stand, the Chinese tech giant recently released the Mate X2 foldable smartphone; a successor to the first-gen “Mate X” foldable design which was released in 2019. 


What We Know, So Far

Reports suggest that the company is releasing the “Mate X2”, for a reasonable price, compared to others, while targeting the entry-level segment to spur demand.

Very limited information about the phone and its projected progress in the market has been revealed, more so that the specific pricing for it has not been disclosed. However, Huawei has revealed some key features, perks, and functionalities of the new Mate X2. One particularly, that stands out is the screen of the phone. Apparently, the foldable screen on the Mate X2 is protected inside the android phone.  Huawei also discussed the durability of the Mate X2, it has been proven to withstand some ferocious durability tests, including scratch, burn and extreme bending tests.


Huawei revealed the results of some of these tests, like the scratch tests, for instance. At level 6, the android revealed a tempered glass covering when scratching, with deeper grooves at level 7. What we know concerning the bend test, however, is limited, but we can conclude that Huawei has gotten the build quality right.



Can the Huawei Mate X2 Compete with Notable Samsung Foldable Phone Iterations?

With top class promoters at their disposal and the right amount of publicity, Huawei could really give Samsung a run for their money with the Mate X2. So far, Samsung have been successful in the market, with the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip line of phones. However, if Huawei can undercut the competition (which seems likely) they could gain a substantial lead over top-tier competitors like Samsung.