Mana- The Startup That Pays You For Your Passion


June 30, 2021 22:00 GMT

Technology News Team

Mana- The Startup That Pays You For Your Passion

Mana is a platform that allows people to make a living by sharing their passion- creators can teach their skills through a personal channel where they upload subscription content, live classes, and one-to-one sessions. Creators on Mana are in four major categories: Careers, Tech and Startups, Lifestyle, and Academics, and can earn more on 100 subscribers than the average content creator with a million views.

The Undervaluation of Quality Creators

Today, it has become very difficult to teach skills. You either need to put out long, animated explanatory courses or gather millions of followers on social media to sell your brand. Content creators are constantly trying to build their audience, so the competition amongst them has brought about difficulties to get their skills noticed. James Co, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Mana created the skill-sharing platform to solve this problem.

Mana: Bringing Quality Engagement to the Spotlight

Mana is a facility for skilled individuals to reach high-paying customers without hassles. It doesn’t matter whether you are a social media expert or not- you can always deliver personalized insights in live or 1-to-1 sessions and earn a lot more than you think.

You can create a profile for your services in minutes on Mana while enjoying video, payment, and calendar integration in 1-on-1 sessions. You can also enjoy post-paywalled content, live classes, subscription plans, and many more features. Mana is open to anyone with a skill, who wants to share it, particularly if it ranges from Startup and Careers consulting, to personal fitness and hobbies like football.

At the launch of the platform, over 1500 content creators had signed up from a wide range of different industries. While Mana works for every skilled individual, being a creator on the platform is currently by invitation only. A referral from an existing creator on Mana will also grant you better chances of approval.

As a creator, you can set your rates, which learners will pay when they book a session with you. You will receive payment through your Stripe account monthly.

One of the most interesting things about Mana is that it works with nano-influencers with 10,000 followers or more. The Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Bobby Tang, added; “There are many social media influencers out there creating phenomenal learning content. But in an ad-based model where they always have to ask viewers to like and subscribe, they barely make a living. Creators become empowered on Mana because we use a subscription model with 100 appreciative fans. Our algorithm is based on how quality a creator’s engagement is, and not how popular he/she is, to allow users to enjoy quality, inspirational content. Hence, even with a small follower base, creators can grow and reach newer audiences.”

Mana was Co-Founded in 2020 by James Lo and Bobby Tang. The platform’s development team consists of a small number of creative personnel, including Sarah Mormino, Raquel Inchaurraga, Akin Wilson, and others. Lo mentioned, “We are very proud of the team we have gathered- high school drop-outs who learned programming on their own, engineers who worked night shifts to pay their way through university; we are a group of self-made individuals helping people make a living by sharing.”