Nosh tech- The Startup to Beat Food Wastage.


May 30, 2021 22:00 GMT

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Nosh tech- The Startup to beat food wastage.


Nosh is a mobile app that manages food by reminding its users of the expiry and best before dates of food products. Somdip Dey and Suman Saha, two undergraduate computer scientists, collaborated to develop the nosh app during the covid-19 pandemic to reduce household food wastage.


The pandemic's impact


The Coronavirus pandemic forced people to stock food items indoors to survive the lockdown of stores. Soon enough, the rate of food wastage increased since many people lost track of food expiry dates, while others stocked even more food than they could consume. To solve this food wastage problem, two computer science students from the U.K. and India collaborated to develop a free Smartphone app for alerting users of food expiry dates beforehand- nosh.


The iOS and Android versions of the nosh mobile app were released in April 2020, after which the project team founded a technology startup, Nosh Technologies. Somdip Dey assumed the role of the CEO of the company.


Nosh- the solution to food wastage


Nosh Technologies developed the nosh app to track the expiry dates of food items in your fridge. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) algorithm to monitor your buying and food waste habits. It also generates and suggests recipes that you can create with the available ingredients. 


Nosh allows you to plan your shopping list before buying or stocking the items. It uses a barcode scanner with your Smartphone’s camera to record the stored items and works for over 2 million products globally. You can also add as many products as you want manually. The nosh app displays records of your food waste habits in an easy-to-understand graphical representation. This data also lets it suggest what food items you should buy or not buy to reduce food wastage. The nosh app is available for download on the Google Play Store or Apple App store with no fees or in-app payments.


More for users…


Nosh Technologies joined forces with ReMe Basket Ltd. to expand its resources and use better technologies for food inventory management.


ReMe Basket Ltd. was established in 2017 and specializes in developing food inventory management Smartphone apps. The co-founder and CEO of Nosh Technologies, Somdip Dey, mentioned: “Acquiring ReMe Basket will give us the benefit of expanding our business. Hence, our main product, nosh, can deliver better user experience and achieve zero-waste success.”


Nosh Technologies, established in 2020 by Somdip Dey and Suman Saha, is a deep-tech company. They build and develop algorithms and programs to create mobile applications for optimized food management at home. The project team consists of the co-founders, two computer science students from the University Of Essex, U.K. and the University of Engineering and Management (UEM) in Kolkata. StudioX from the University of Essex supports Nosh Technologies.


Nosh Technologies delivers to clients around the world with the motto: “Convenience comes first.” The company is located at 14 Miranda Walk CO4 3SL United Kingdom.


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