Alium Finance: One of the Most User-friendly Decentralized Exchanges Ever

Alium Finance

April 23, 2021 22:00 GMT

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Alium Finance: One of the Most User-friendly Decentralized Exchanges Ever.

Alium Finance is a pre-seed company providing user-friendly decentralized AMM
exchanges with multi-blockchain options and NFT’s. Vladimir Nikitin and Aleksandr Kents co-founded the company in 2021 together with a few qualified hands on their team.

The company completed two funding rounds with a total of $2.5m from leading
cryptocurrency funds. Jun Capital and Cryptomeria Capital were two major contributors to the investments into the company.

A Deep Dive Into the Company's Structure

Alium Finance focuses on decentralized AMM exchange with 4 different products in its structure. These products include the AMM Exchange Binance Smart Chain, AMM Exchange Huobi ECO Chain, Initial NFT Offering, and Liquidity Migrations. So far, Alium Finance has launched its first product, the AMM Exchange Binance Smart Chain, otherwise called “AliumSwap”.

The AliumSwap exchange is a simple structure for trading one BEP-20 token for another through automated liquidity pools. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain (BSC), a blockchain that runs parallel to the Binance Chain. BSC is different from the Binance Chain since it offers improved smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The Binance Smart Chain Blockchain runs on two primary wallets, Metamask and Trust Wallet.

Alium Finance Sets Out to Solve...

Typically, multifunctional AMM decentralized exchanges have too many disadvantages that limit users from realizing a maximum profit. On different blockchains, decentralized exchanges do not interact with each other. So, users face serious difficulties, trying to transfer assets between them.

Instead of using different blockchains, AliumSwap develops an advanced multi-blockchain AMM decentralized exchange. Hence, it allows users to choose the most suitable blockchain to extract the maximum profit. It also enables users to perform risk-free trades of assets while transferring them easily between different blockchains. With existing protocols, AliumSwap completely renovates the ecosystem of DeFi products into solutions that meet customers’ demands.

More to Come from  

Aside from the AliumSwap, the other products from the AliumFinance team are still under construction. Amongst these developments are the Heco Blockchain integration that the team intends to launch in late April or early May. There are also other potential blockchain networks such as Matic, a two-layer blockchain solution. The project’s objective is to normalize the use of blockchain technology in both blockchain and the financial industry.

The AliumFinance project development team plans to hire more developers for the technology stack with the funds raised. They are also projecting new product launches and a strengthened security system for their users.

We also should expect more partnerships and cooperation agreements soon to give the project better chances of adding new products and services.

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